Rename a domain controller

Rename a domain controller

11 November 2019 0 By editeur

Depending on the role installed, it is possible to rename a domain controller.

Take care

If you have an Exchange server, I do not recommend the operation.

It is necessary to ensure the functional level. The latter must be at least Windows Server 2003.

You Can not Rename a Domain Controller That Is Certification Authority (AD CA)

The commands below are to be executed on the controller to rename as Administrator.

Adding a secondary name:

netdom computername dc-old-name.local /add:dc-new-name.local

t is possible to check that the msDS-AdditionalDnsHostName command is taken into account.

Pass the secondary name in primary:

netdom computername dc-old-name.local /makeprimary:dc-new-name.local

Restart the server to take into account the name change.

Delete the old name:

netdom computername dc-new-name.local /remove:dc-old-name.local

Show the names with the following command:

computername dc-name.dom.local /enumerate